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You can browse our selection of latest smart phones with advanced technology and choose the best one that will fit in your budget.


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You can sell your old phone at SmartFix’s Store easily. We can take your old phone and you will get the cash from it instantly.


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Get the best Selling price of your smart Phone. Just click on the Link to know more details.


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Don’t want to fix your iphone? Just want the latest gadget? Buy. Sell. Trade up your Android or iphone


Do you have a lot of useless phones in your old drawer? What I mean is, like an old tablet, iPhone or other expensive smart phones which are only occupying your valuable storage space? Smartfix is here to help you to significantly turn those old devices into instant cash!

You can bring your old smart device to our center and we’ll purchase it for cash instantly. When we get these used devices, our expert technician’s team fixes them like a brand new one by using genuine OEM parts. Then, we re-sell them directly to the individuals.

So whatever your requirement, like you are looking to sell, trade in or buy a used device Smartfix is always available for a perfect deal!

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